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A Review: Mindwar, A Novel by Andrew Klavan

Mindwar: A Novel (The Mindwar Trilogy Book 1) by Andrew Klavan Reviewed by Debbie Thompson Purchase this Book              A teen with a broken body, a broken home, and a broken spirit takes refuge in his darkened room with nothing to do but play computer games. Sound familiar?  All the energy and determination he once […]

Review: The Villain: The Noble Adventures of Georges and Jean-Luc

The Villain: The Noble Adventures of Georges and Jean-Luc By Katherine Thompson Illustrated by Gary R Thompson Purchase on Amazon              Georges and Jean-Luc are all boy. They live in a world enriched by their imaginations, imaginations formed by the grand old tales that have enchanted children forever. No small world theirs, they look out […]

A Review of “God’s Song: Psalms in Rhyming Meter” by Sandy Betgur

Paid review provided by Christian Book Reviews, a service of Athanatos Christian Ministries. February 26, 2014. SANDY BETGUR, GOD’S SONG: PSALMS IN RHYMING METER, BLOOMINGTON, IN: WESTBOW PRESS, 2014. God’s Song is the 40th anniversary edition of the magnificent “psalm poems” of Thomas Seller (1902-1995), arranged and supplemented by Sandy Betgur. In it, the power […]

A Review of Ten Ways to Destroy Your Child’s Imagination

Ten Ways to Destroy Your Child’s Imagination By Anthony Esolen An UnSolicited Review by Debbie Thompson  “There once was a boy named Eustace Clarence Scrubb and he almost deserved it.” This, the first line of Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis, is our introduction to what a child educated along the lines described […]

A Review of “Prophet” by Frank Peretti

A Review of Prophet by Frank Peretti [Note–Mr. Peretti did not ask us to review his book] Frank E. Peretti, Prophet, Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 1992. New York Times best-selling Christian novelist Frank E. Peretti has done it again in this thought-provoking, jaw-dropping suspense novel about one man’s fight to uncover the truth, no matter […]

A Review of “The Homelanders” by Andrew Klaven

A review of The Homelanders by Andrew Klaven [Sample–Mr. Klaven did not ask us to review his book] The Homelanders written by Andrew Klaven consists of four suspense filled books written for young adults. It tells the story of Charlie West, a typical teenager, who finds himself thrust into a very atypical situation. At the […]