Athanatos Book Reviews is a service provided by Athanatos Christian Ministries, an apologetics ministry with an emphasis on defending the Faith through the arts and literature since its founding in 2008.

This emphasis has included a number of online writing conferences and apologetics conferences focused on the arts as well as annual Christian short story, poetry, and novel contests.  ACM publishes a number of titles each year, including in many cases the winners of its Christian novel contest.

Due to continued requests for feedback and evaluation of manuscripts in light of ACM’s unique emphasis, this service was launched in September of 2012.

This is not a line editing service.  The best comparison is Kirkus Reviews.

ACM will read and analyze the work and write a 1 page (approx 500 words) review of it and assign a score from 1-10, with 10 being the best.  The author can then decide whether or not they want the review posted to this web page.  The author may use the review in his or her marketing materials at their own discretion.  In addition to elements normally considered by book reviewers, ACM will also consider questions such as these when making its evaluation:

  • Does it, implicitly or explicitly, reflect a Christian worldview or promote a Christian perspective?
  • How might the work compare to secular equivalents?  (if applicable)
  • Will the work unnecessarily turn off unbelievers?

Upon request from the author, we can adjust the criteria by which we examine the work to suit the author’s needs and the particular genre of the work.  For a better idea of ACM’s unique perspective that it brings to bear on literature and the arts, examine the ministry home page and the writing contest page, both of which were listed above.  This service will bring that perspective to bear on review requests, so the author would be wise to get an idea of what they are getting into.

Who will do the review?

Someone associated with ACM, usually someone that ACM already engages as a judge in its writing contests or uses internally in evaluating manuscripts for possible publication will write the review.  To see some examples of the reviews we will write, please check out the sample reviews we have posted, each from a different reviewer.


$150 for any work up to 100,000 words.

An additional $50 for each additional 50,000 words after that.

Turn around time:  6-10 weeks.

Expedited:  4 weeks, an extra $100.


Send an email to with the number of words and the desired turn around time and a payment arrangement will be made.  After that, the work will be forwarded to someone associated with ACM for the review.


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